Sno-King Intergroup Minutes from JUN 21st, 2017

Sno-King Intergroup Minutes June 21st 2017

The meeting opened at 7:01 PM with the Serenity Prayer and a moment of silence.

Introductions:  Tom: Chair, Brian AMAA, Tammy Volunteer chair, Bob Chairman Emeritus Gavin ED-Lynn, Julie We are not saints, Margot Cell Phone coordinator, John Lynnwood Open. Chrissy Secretary, Kevin Treasurer for SKIG. Betsy AMAA.

Birthdays for June :

Tradition 6 was read by Margot

Concept 6 was read by Tammy

Agenda was approved.

Secretary:  (Chrissy) The minutes from were read and approved.

 Treasurer:  (Kevin) The funds have been separated from over head and literature. The report shows the current balance is $252.00 and $136 in reserve. The only bill left to pay is rent that will leave us short but there are a couple more deposits to make. The full report is attached to the email that is going out tonight.

Trusted Servants Reports

Twelve Step Coordinator:  (open) 

Volunteer Coordinator:  (Tammy) we need volunteers.

Cell Phone Coordinator:  (Margot) she called AMAA and told him that she needed to wait a little longer because she is going down the list of 12 step calls to see who is still available. She will relinquish the phone next month to AMAA.

Literature Rep: (Doug)not present. Tammy said he should keep the position and she would assist him. She would place the order and he could go and pick it up. Kevin suggested the literature person should take inventory at the end of the month.

Archivist:  (Open)

Email/Web:  (open)  Kevin ran into Bob and Bob said he can show someone how to update the website. John said he does web development and would be willing to help.

P.I./C.P.C.:  (Tom)

Office Manager: (Tammy R) nothing to report. The office is running well

3rd legacy report: (Tom)

Group Representatives

AMAA (Brian) they have taken the slot and made it into a party. They play games and hang out and have fellowship. They lost Adam prematurely.

We are not Saints (Jerry)

Edmonds Group: (Russell) not present

Ed-Lynn Fellowship (Gavin). Nothing to report

Lynnwood Study:  (John) not present

Great Facts: not present

On Awakening: (Jeff) not present.

WOTS (Tammy) the come to their Sunday slot every month and have their

Wicked Soba not present.

We are not saints (Julie) they are doing a group inventory.

Happy Hour: (Laurie ) not present.

Lynnwood Open  (John)  September 16th is the 45th anniversary. They meet on Fridays but they are meeting on the Saturday at noon to do an inventory.

TUG. (Doug) not present.

Old Business: 1) Tom continues to contact ECC. They are not going to be very good prospect for volunteers as they are young and not alcoholic.

2) The annual birthday party for SKIG will be in October or November and we are discussing whether or not to have it on a Seahawk game day. Perhaps we can show the game if the party falls on a game day.

3) Participation is needed for volunteers. We were looking for ideas on how to get new blood in the office.

 Ideas that Margot offered was to hold a raffle or an auction or a bake sale or rummage sale, meet and greet or a book sale. These ideas are to raise awareness and generate income.

Tom’s idea is to get into the LAC. The hall holds meetings during the day and the members are those who are retired or might be available during the day to take a shift. Margot volunteered to speak to her group at the LAC and give Toms number to come in and do his presentation for volunteers.

Betsy mentioned she enjoyed the fellowship while volunteering at GSIG. Tammy agreed the weekend slots are good to have groups in but during the week is a little harder for more than one person.

Tammy also suggested SKIG donate a raffle item for the district 24 picnic. Tom agreed for Tammy to take a book from the shelf to raffle off.

Kevin suggested having a monthly newsletter set up for e-mailers. The newsletter can include news, updates, schedules…

Julie suggested going back to our home groups and making sure all of our home groups have SKIG reps.

Tom suggested that one on one conversations work the best to generate interest.

Chrissy suggested having a game night or bingo.

John mentioned he has observed basic needs of aa members knowing where the office is located. Most people do not even know.


4) Tom wants to make new flyers for promotion but he believes he can wait to print more until July.

New Business:  1) John H. was  nominated to be the new SKIG group rep for District 24 by the group but it needs to be nominated by district 24.

Alt. Chair: (open)


District Reports

District 19:  not present

District 24:  (Doug) not present – John will be taking over after being voted in

District 42:  (Teri) not present – Tom will make report as she is not going to be able to make the meetings any longer. Tom said she always did an amazing job at representing SKIG at her district meeting. Thank you Teri for your service.

District 39:  (Bob) They are planning a picnic in August. They had a visitation from YPAA at their meeting. (young people of AA) to generate interest from young people.


Closing notes: Brian mentioned the district 39 website does not have the SKIG phone number.

The meeting adjourned at 8:21pm with the recitation of the Responsibility Statement. Minutes respectfully submitted by Chrissy A