Sno-King Intergroup Minutes from JUL 19th, 2017

Sno-King Intergroup Minutes July 19st 2017

The meeting opened at 7:10 PM with the Serenity Prayer and a moment of silence.

Introductions:  Tom: Chair, Margot Cell Phone coordinator, Chrissy Secretary, Adrian AMAA, Betsy AMAA, Julie We are not saints, Gavin Ed-Lynn, Kevin treasurer

Birthdays for July

Tradition 7 was read by Julie

Concept 7 was read by Betsy

Agenda was approved.

Secretary:  (Chrissy) The minutes from were read and approved.

 Treasurer:  (Kevin) is resigning. Tom is taking over the mailbox. Tammy will make the deposits on Tuesdays. She is working on who will be taking over the reports. Current balance is $30.00.

Trusted Servants Reports

Twelve Step Coordinator:  (open) 

Volunteer Coordinator:  (Tammy)

Cell Phone Coordinator:  (Margot) AMAA has the phone. She has been updating the 12 call list. She is going around to meetings and asking for volunteers and 12 step call forms.  

Literature Rep: (Doug) not present. It was reported at the Dist 24 meeting that there were people coming to by to buy literature and there wasn’t literature to buy. There

 Archivist:  (Open)

Email/Web:  (open)  

P.I./C.P.C.:  (Tom)

Office Manager: (Tammy R)

3rd legacy report: (Tom)

Group Representatives

AMAA (Betsy) meeting is getting bigger. Not too much to report.

We are not Saints (Jerry)

Edmonds Group: (Russell)

Ed-Lynn Fellowship (Gavin).

Lynnwood Study:  (John)

Great Facts:

On Awakening: (Jeff)

WOTS (Tammy)

Wicked Soba.

As Bill see it (Margot) is going to work on getting more people coming into the office.

We are not saints (Julie) they are doing a great job.

Happy Hour: (Laurie )

Lynnwood Open  (John) 

TUG. (Doug) not present.

Old Business: 1) Volunteers are below 50%. Tom has an idea to help bring in new people. He would like to bring in people who attend daytime meetings at the LAC. Margot mentioned both the ed-lynn and the LAC have flyers for volunteers posted. Tom suggested Margot print up the tri-folds and the wanted flyers to pass out at the meetings.

2) SKIG anniversary party: Seahawks game day party could work if we planned to have a viewing party. Away week would be preferred.

Teri provided some advice to Tom on 50/50 raffles and how they facilitated them at the phoenix club. Tom suggested this as a good fundraising idea.

Chrissy made motion that we hold the party on November 19th (Sunday). This is not a game day. Approved.

3) creating a newsletter for the SKIG. Adrian suggested we have a sign up on the website to prevent misspelling. Chrissy suggested the digital copies are sent out to email lists gathered by attending the different districts business meetings. Adrian suggested quarterly mailings.

New Business:  1) In 1992 we were given a letter stating we are tax exempt. We recently received a letter revoking the letter from 1992. Bob suggests we appeal. A letter was drafted by Eddie H. to the IRS. We are waiting for a response.

We lost the tax exempt status in 2012 and 2013. We are working on reinstating it.

Alt. Chair: (open)


District Reports

District 19: 

District 24:  (Doug)

District 42:  (Teri)

District 39:  (Bob)

The meeting adjourned at 8:28pm with the recitation of the Responsibility Statement. Minutes respectfully submitted by Chrissy A