Sno-King Intergroup Minutes from JAN 20th, 2016

Meeting opened at 7:06 PM with the Serenity Prayer.


Bob S. (Chair/ Bothell Monday Morning), John (Literature Rep/ Lynnwood Study Group), Chrissy (Secretary/ GSR One Day at a Time/ Dist. 24 Liaison), Teri (Dist. 42 Liaison/ GSR Broadview Groups), Gavin Ed-Lynn, Kevin/AMAA ), Dave (Edmonds Group), Bob (Web/Email/ Sometimes Quickly), Don (Dist. 19 Liaison/ Sober on the Sound), Vincent ( Everett Conference Literature Rep/ Sometimes Quickly ), Jeff (On Awakening), Sally (Women in Recovery Alt Rep), Tammy (WOTS/ Volunteer Coordinator), Vincent (Office Manager/Sometimes Quickly, Tom (Alt Chair/ PI/CPC).Brian H.(Wicked Soba), Art (Wicked Soba)Tom (Alt Chair), Doug (Skippers, Tug), Glenn (on awakening)

Birthdays: No Birthdays

Tradition 1 read by Gavin and Concept 1 read by Doug.

Secretary: (Chrissy) The minutes from were read and approved.

Treasurer: (Bob made report, Kevin to take new position): provided and reviewed a copy of his report. Beginning balance was and ending balance was $97.99 . A motion was raised to the prudent reserve from $35. to $200. The motion was approved.

Old Business:

Elected Chrissy for Secretary, Vincent to 3rd Legacy, Kevin to Treasurer. Tom suggests we need about 300 more of the Sno-King Flyer to distribute to the AA community. Teri from D42 said she was having difficulty distributing birthday envelopes and flyers.

New Business:


Group Representatives

AMAA (Kevin) Nothing to report.

Edmonds Group: (Dave) Will take cell phone from Sometimes Quickly group.

EdLynn Fellowship: (Gavin) We are open! The schedules say the address is 19802, but the correct address is 19820.

Lynnwood Study: (John) Meeting is still being pressed to provide liability insurance for the group. Wanted to ask the meeting if others are being asked by their churches or landlords for insurance.

On Awakening: If the Alano Club moves, they will move the meeting to the Ed Lynn Fellowship.

Sometimes Quickly: (Bob) This group is taking Sunday slots to answer phones at SKIG. 1st Sunday of Feb will need tutorial. Will take 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. They are a new group.

WATS: (Tammy) At Business meeting they nominated a new inter-group rep.

Wicked Soba: (Brian) Group has approved donations to SKIG.

Trusted Servants:

Twelve Step Coordinator: OPEN

Volunteer Coordinator: (Tammy) Reported that the volunteer list has changed, please mention the openings to answer phones at your home group. Any questions please call 425-419-881. Hours are only 11-7 M-F and 1-5 on weekends.

Cell Phone Coordinator: (open) (Bob for time being). Sometimes Quickly had it last month. The bag of supplies, including charger, 12 step lists, code of messages, and call logs are missing. Roger may have charger, list may be able to be reprinted. Edmonds group is taking phone.

Literature Rep: (John) “Literature is flying off the shelves”. Tammy made out list of pamphlets needed. Made inventory list of books. Bought more pamphlets and books. Total revenue: $397.70.Some of the Seattle intergroup schedules are not accounted for. They are priced at $0.75. It was requested we buy more material for stock. Norm, the office manager will take a credit card over the phone at Seattle IG. Tammy received call from potential buyer but we are not currently holding extra inventory.

Archivist: OPEN

Email/Web: (Bob) domain name will expire on Feb 12th. $10.95 per year is what is needed to have other host. He wishes the domain name to be registered to sno-king instead. Discussion was raised to have domain licensed for either 1 year or 5 years. Motion to allow the funds to be available of $10.95 a year for domain name and was approved. Rob was unable to take over the co-chair of Web Geek. Bob would still like a alt-chair.

P.I./C.P.C.: (Tom)

Office Manager: (Vincent will begin this month) Will be doing the managerial duties during his volunteer time once a week. Found 2 books from the 80’s that are being submitted to the archives.

3rd legacy report: (Vincent) Has 4 people willing to help with committee . Will be getting information from Seattle. Tom R has agreed to do a workshop on concepts with SKIG and GSIG. He is starting to write up literature. Is looking for a list of groups that have donated in the last 5 years.

Alt. Chair: (Tom) Tom suggests we need about 300 more of the Sno-King Flyer to distribute to the AA community. Teri from D42 said she was having difficulty distributing birthday envelopes and flyers.

Chairperson: (Bob S.) Bob wanted to have a group inventory for SKIG to re-evaluate the direction of the group. Bob M suggested we wait until the 3rd legacy is off the ground. Both Bob and Tom feel there were significant positive changes after we held the inventory. Kevin suggested we go to the groups and explain why were are here and what we do and then ask what we can do better.

District Reports

District 19: (Don) Having trouble keeping secretary. Donations are good. PI position was filled along with CPC and the two positions combined. Looking for personal stories. The next Stapling party will be near 18th and Baker, but address is not confirmed. 3rd legacy meeting are being held last Wednesday over everymonth at 5:30 at church on Rucker where the 3 o’clockers meeting also meets.

District 24: (Chrissy) GSIG new reps were present last night per Vincent. I mentioned at dist 24 the web chair for SKIG supports the idea of supporting dist 24 with the website. We invited Bob to attend the next business meeting to explain. There was talk about how the combination could break traditions.

District 39: Not Present

District 42: (Teri) 42 has voted not to support any intergroups. Individual groups are welcome to support. Wanted to share that all of the committee and chair positions are full. (Full report is attached)

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM with the recitation of the Responsibility Statement.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Chrissy Anderson.