Sno-King Intergroup Minutes from FEB 17th, 2016

Meeting opened at 7:05 PM with the Serenity Prayer and a moment of silence.


Bob S. (Chair/ Bothell Monday Morning), John (Literature Rep/ Lynnwood Study Group), Chrissy (Secretary/ GSR One Day at a Time/ Dist. 24 Liaison), Dave, (Edmonds group) Brian (AMAA rep) Kevin (AMAA, Treasurer) Tammy (WOTS/ Volunteer Coordinator),Bob (Web Geek))Tom (Alt Chair), Glenn (On Awaken rep) Don, (Dist 19)

Birthdays: Dave (Belly button) and Kevin 2-4-04

Tradition 2 read by Tom A. and Concept 2 read by Glenn.

Agenda was approved with the adjustment to move new business to after the group reps.

Secretary: (Chrissy) The minutes from were read and approved.

Treasurer: (Bob made handwritten report. Deposits were $1506.34 Expenses were $1635.77. $165 was transferred to prudent reserve. $638.91 is the balance as of Feb 1st 2016. As of 2-17 the total was $394.34. John M. reported our outstanding balance with GSIG is paid.

Old Business:

Tom requested the flyers be printed and distributed. Pi/CPC for Dist 24 is willing to stock the literature rack with the SKIG rack. Jim needs to be given 100 flyers as reimbursement. Tom is suggesting 500 flyers be printed. They are around $11.00 per 100. Bob made a motion that at least 100 flyers be printed to pay back PI/CPC. Approved.

New Business:

Tom requested the flyers be printed and distributed. Pi/CPC for Dist 24 is willing to stock the literature rack with the SKIG rack Tom is suggesting 500 flyers be printed. Bob made a motion that 400 additional flyers be printed. Approved.

Tammy mentioned we need a new coffee pot for the office. Brand new coffee pot is $16.95


Chrissy made a motion to talk about a budget for office supplies for the SKIG.

Update on 501c3 Bob has been getting advice and moving forward on getting the non-profit status. There is a $500 filing fee for the status. Currently we are a non-profit corporation in Washington State only. Kevin suggested the board be formed with GSRs to generate advocates.

Kevin made a motion for next months new business to include the current charter.

Group Representatives

AMAA (Brian) nothing much to report except the attendance is up and the schedule is now corrected (Kevin)

Edmonds Group: (Dave) asked if some other group wants to take the cell phone. They are planning a “Founders day” dinner at Saint Pius X.

Language of the Heart (LOTH):

Lynnwood Study: (John) Insurance issue is being resolved. The Liberty Mutual is helping to get insurance for the group The Levit group helped facilitate. Asked the group if the 10am group at Marcos was still meeting?

On Awakening: (Glenn) Group is going through a lot of changes with leadership. Had question on schedule, Vincent is going around to search for dark meetings to help with the new schedules in April. Suggested the 12x12 be in the schedule as well.

Sometimes Quickly: (Bob) Is still taking the 1st and 3rd. Sunday.

WOTS: (Tammy) Answers phones on 2nd Sunday. All is well.

Trusted Servants:

Twelve Step Coordinator: OPEN

Volunteer Coordinator: (Tammy) schedule is half filled. Sometimes quickly is taking 2 slots. The weekends are looking good. The 12 step list is being updated by the previous volunteer coordinator, Dave and Tammy. Bob M, made a motion that Dave take the 12 step coordinator. Accepted.

Cell Phone Coordinator: (Bob) Dave currently has the cell phone and was wondering if he could return a call that came from out of state. The group agreed long distance is usually included.

Literature Rep: (John) Last month was busy. Last meeting he was given a budget of $500. He spent $498.05. John noticed Jan 20th to today, he saw $2023.77 in donations and sales. Kevin is taking the numbers to the budget. Tammy mentioned the literature is great to have on the shelves to provide for the customers. John suggested we need more flyers.

Archivist: OPEN

Email/Web: (Bob) The domain was renewed under Bob’s name and he was able to get another year for $10.00. he will need to be reimbursed.

P.I./C.P.C.: (Tom)

Office Manager: Not Present

Alt. Chair: (Tom) has nothing to report.

Chairperson: (Bob S.) Is working on the 501c3. Is working with a CPA willing to work for free.

District Reports

District 19: (Don) Dist 19 is being consistence on holding meetings at the hospital. The mention was made to have dist 19 on the SKIG website. The consensus was made that the dists were separate from the inter-groups.

District 24: (Chrissy) dist 24 is hosting the gratitude potluck on March 19th. Bob M took the web chair position.

District 39: (Adam) not present.

District 42: (Teri) not present.

The meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM with the recitation of the Responsibility Statement.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Chrissy Anderson