SKIG minutes from SEP 20, 2017

Sno-King Intergroup Minutes Sept 20 th 2017

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM with the Serenity Prayer and a moment of silence.

Introductions:  Tom: Chair, Margot Cell Phone coordinator, Chrissy Secretary, John Dist 24 liaison, Tom P. Dist 19 liaison

Birthdays for September:

Tradition 9 was read by Margot

Concept 9 was read by Chrissy

Agenda was approved.

Secretary:  (Chrissy) The minutes from were read and approved.

 Treasurer:  (open)Tammy The ending balance for the main account is $76.21 after contributions and bills paid. The literature account has $155.90

Trusted Servants Reports

Twelve Step Coordinator:  (open) 

Volunteer Coordinator:  (Tammy) we lost one and gained 2 this month.

Cell Phone Coordinator:  (Margot) AMAA has the phone Margot will pick up phone from Brian.

Literature Rep: (Doug) not present.

Archivist:  (Open)

Email/Web:  (John)  . Will talk to Bob and Chrissy and will coordinate the newsletter sign in list. He will also get the phone and computer switched over.

P.I./C.P.C.:  (Tom)

Office Manager: (Tammy R) we have supplied.

3rd legacy report: (Tom)

Group Representatives

AMAA (Brian) not present – AMAA currently has the phone.

We are not Saints

Edmonds Group:

Ed-Lynn Fellowship

Lynnwood Study:

Great Facts:

On Awakening:

WOTS (Tammy) They just had the yearly retreat. There were 11 people that went. Their attendance is good and some new comers.

Wicked Soba.

As Bill see it (Margot)

We are not saints

Happy Hour:

Lynnwood Open : John – they had the 45th annual potluck and they made some donations. There were a lot of people there.

TUG. (Doug) not present

Old Business:  1) Newsletter starting in October. We need content for the newsletter contributed by members and district reps. The newsletter would come out 4 times a year. October, January, April, and July. Tom suggested sending the digital copy to the inter groups, Eastside and GSIG.

2) Taxes: Tom is working on the sales tax issue with the office. He mentioned the tax filing is in October. We have been denied for tax exempt status so we, as the other inter groups already do, will have to start charging sales tax.

3) Party: The flyer is made. The door prizes can be donated by groups and one will be donated by SKIG. The cake will be supplied by SKIG. Raffle tickets will be sold at the party and the throughout the month before. The tickets will be sold for a dollar a piece and 6 for $5. Tom is going to go to some his active AA friends and ask if they will circulate the tickets at their meetings. The décor will be in Seahawks Colors.

4) phone service: John spoke to all the difference carriers and the best deal is with Verizon. For $82 they will provide the computer and land line and for $20 more they will take over the cell phone account as well. That is less than half of what we are paying now. We will go from about $300 to $115 per month. A motion was approved to change the plan.


New Business:  1) domain name is due again. John suggested changing the register to a less expensive one. A motion was approved to change the company.

2) The opportunity to sell coins has arisen as we no longer have to only sell AA approved material. We will start by doing pre paid orders to groups only to sell the coins.

3) office heat: Margot suggested her friend come in to disconnect the floor board heaters and use a space heater instead. Tom would prefer to have the base board heaters replaced. A motion was raised to replace the base board heaters. Approved.

Alt. Chair: (open)

Chairperson:  (Tom) Spoke at District 24 and has a very good and was well received.

District Reports

District 19:  Tom P. – nothing to report.

District 24:  John H. – The area assembly is Oct 6-8th. Tom spoke with the district about SKIG.

District 42:  

District 39

The meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm with the recitation of the Responsibility Statement. Minutes respectfully submitted by Chrissy A